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About Me

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Sass Boucher MSc BA (Hons) MNCS (Accred) MBACP

Counsellor and Psychotherapist 

Lecturer MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy at Keele University

Co-Founder SelfCare Psychology Ltd




I'm really aware how hard it might be to look for and then contact a counsellor. If you are considering making changes in your life, or developing a greater awareness of who you are, when you might not be feeling at your best, it can seem a little overwhelming, but it is a really important to research and make the right decision for you.


The relationship between counsellor (me) and client (maybe you) is key. Lot's of evidence suggests that it is the therapeutic relationship that supports change, as opposed to the modality, therapeutic approach, or way of working. 


I am a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist working in private practice currently online in the UK. I am insured, and importantly, accredited with the National Counselling Society (NCS) and registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

I have spent over 20 years working with and supporting other people in the voluntary, private and public sector. In 2013 I drew together all of my learning so far, my experience of working with and supporting people in various roles, and my absolute passion for working with people. I went back to university and completed a Masters in Counselling Psychology, accredited with the BACP.

Since qualifying I have worked and volunteered in a variety of settings, including a hospice, a domestic violence charity a larger private practice and my own practice. 

I am also incredibly proud to now be back at Keele University, on the teaching team of the MSC in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

My experience as a therapist is wonderfully varied. I work with private clients in many areas of their life, looking at where they would like to gain a greater understanding of who they are and how they might like to use this understanding to make changes.


My work with clients may involve amongst many things, exploring areas around anxiety, stress, depression, loss and bereavement or self-esteem and confidence. It might also be around personal or work relationships, trauma and issues around domestic and sexual abuse.


If you would like to contact me, please use the form at the bottom of the page or email me at I will aim to respond to you as soon as possible. You can find out a little more about my counselling and psychotherapy services here.


I also work as an affiliate counsellor and psychotherapist for The Listening Centre. They refer clients to me who work for large organisations, such as district councils, the NHS, education settings and West Midlands Ambulance Service, as a part of their Employment Assistance Programme (EAP).


I also take referrals from third parties, and clients can sometimes access my practice as a part of their health insurance or other charitable organisations who prioritise their members emotional wellbeing.


I balance my clinical work with my role as a Director of SelfCare Psychology Ltd, a start up with a strong social desire to make changes in human services, those who volunteer and work in the helping professions. SelfCare Psychology are working towards creating an awareness and a cultural shift encouraging those who work with others to take care of themselves and each other.


My interest in workplace wellbeing arose through my MSc research project, ‘Looking Through a Lens of Terribleness,’ which specifically explored the experiences of professionals working with clients who are living with or have lived with domestic abuse and trauma.

I am also passionate about writing, and see this as an increasingly great medium to communicate. I have written for the BACP Workplace Journal, The Law Society, Social Work News, The Counsellors Café, Women in Trade magazine and contributed to the book ‘SHARE a new model for Social work’, specifically around self-care from both a personal and professional perspective. I have also co-authored the resource for Social Workers, ’50 Acts of Professional Self-Care for Social Work.’

If you would like to contact me use the submission form below, or email me at

Take care,


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