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SelfCare Psychology

SelfCare Psychology Ltd

Sass Boucher MSc BA(Hons) MBACP Stafford.


I am really proud to be a Co-Founder and the Research Director of SelfCare Psychology Ltd. We are a start up with a strong social desire to make changes in human services. By human services we mean people in paid careers or voluntary roles, who spend a proportion of their time supporting, being with and listening to others trauma.


We are working towards creating an awareness and a cultural shift encouraging those who work with others to take care of themselves and each other using our Five Pillars of Protection Model.

We are doing this by developing the website which includes resources and blogs around professional self-care, the concepts of professional trauma and fatigue, stress, burnout out, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. We are constantly using social media to pass on this message and deliver training to organisations who have a passion to look after their staff.


We have also designed and published in conjunction with Kirwin Maclean a set of resource cards. 50 Acts of Professional Self-Care for Social workers, which are available here.


Apart from when we deliver training, this is all voluntary work for us as directors, and similarly to my writing is a way of balancing my clinical practice.


Visit us at for further information.

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